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Shamanik Adventures
in the Lost World

Experience the wonders of Mount Roraima, La Gran Sabana, Canaima and the Angel Falls with the ancestral know-how and guidance of Chamana Lucy.

La Gran Sabana ... Land of waterfalls, natural pools, whirpools, and infinite hidden paradises.

La Gran Sabana (The great plain) is located inside Venezuela's biggest national park: Canaima, in the Bolivar state south. It is an unique place with views that you will not see anywhere else in the world.

This national park has two very different parts: To the East you will find the Gran Sabana and Mount Roraima, where we hold most of Chamana Lucy's activities. To the West you will find the Angel Falls and Canaima Lagoon; soon we'll be offering espectacular mystical treks to this unique and magical place.

We offer a fully interactive experience where you can interact with the Gran Sabana's spectacular nature. Overwhelm yourself with magnificent landscapes, hundreds of waterfalls and unique natural swimming pools, relax with masages in natural whirpools  or slide down the jasper stone slopes, if this is not enough you can endulge your body with a healthy kaolin clay bath. Just relax and enjoy the marvels of this mystical place. Gran Sabana and Chamana Lucy will always cover you with its magic.

Mount Roraima is the highest point of the Guayana region in the southern state of Bolivar, the largest state of Venezuela with over 2.810 meters at its highest point. Roraima is the tripartite border of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil, with access only to its summit on the Venezuelan side. Also called Roraima Tepuy (flat top), once formed part of Gondwanaland before the Teutonic activity. Mount Roraima evolved slowly becoming a place with endemic flora and fauna. Weather, water and wind made their way to shape the plain rock formations and stunning sculptures found in Roraima. In addition to wildlife and natural crystalline rocks, it has pools with very cold water and caves where you can set up camps with natural protection from the rain which can be torrential at times due to the ecosystem. The breathtaking view of the Gran Sabana from the summit of Roraima is hard to describe, just a word: AWESOME. These 'islands of time' called 'Tepuys' by the local original inhabitants of this territory offer a great biodiversity. With Chamana Lucy as ypur mystical guide, you can be part of the elite group of travelers around the world who had the honor to experience "The island in the sky, where Heaven and Earth embrace in an eternal kiss, and fireflyes compete with the stars at night".

Awaken the Shaman Within

Chamana Lucy invites you to awaken ancestral amazonic wisdom within you with a series of activities that will sharpen your senses and elevate your being to new levels of consciousness. We include these activities in our 1-3 day Shamanic Tours as well as our Mount Roraima Magical and Mystical Tour.


* Awareness of the Inner-self.
* Awakening of dormant areas of your self - DNA, cells, etheric, astral, celestial and divine bodies.
* Phisical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and wellbeing.
* Stress reduction and control.
* Harmonizing your personal and intimate relations.
* Protection and transmutation against interferences, bad vibes and negative influences.
* Reconecting with your inner child and your ancestral being.

Our activities may include:
* VIP transportation and guidance within Santa Elena de Uairén and La Gran Sabana.
* Visits to energy and multidimensional portals.
* Energy and Frequency Activations.
* Shamanic inductions.
* Healing Caolin clay therapy.
* Bio-energetic massages.
* Auric and physical cleansing.
* Ayahuasca, amazonian ancestral medicine for the body and soul.
* Food and hydration.
* Lodging (Tents and nature camps).

More info and logistics:
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Whatsapp: +58 414 8533267

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